Showtime – A Minor Forest


A Minor Forest
8 Feb 2014
The Satellite – Los Angeles, Ca

Erik Hoversten, John Benson and Andee Connors

  1. Erik’s Budding Romance (link)
  2. …But The Pants Stay On (link)
  3. Speed For Gavin (link)
  4. Discoier (link)
  5. Michael Anthony (link)
  6. Bill’s Mom Likes To Fuck (link)
  7. Jacking Off George Lucas (link)
  8. Look At That Car, It’s Full Of Balloons (link)
  9. So Jesus Was At The Last Supper…

(circa 1997)

A Minor Forest is one of my all-time favorite bands. The emo-math-spazz-rock-jangle trio came back to LA from a 15-year hiatus and it was fucking fantastic. All the elements one would expect were on display, extended chord voicings, pounding and evolving drums, delicate harmonics,  extreme dynamic shifts, soft vocals, screams and blood. This is the show you’ve been craving. Go.

Fortunately, more US tour dates have been announced from late April to Early May. I highly suggest making every effort to go check them out.

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