The Universe Is Ours



New Album: The Universe Is Ours is out… find it on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify

The album continues the Dune-themed nature… and reprises/foreshadows as per the previous albums, Slow Blade Penetrates the Shield and Machine and Ghola.


The T.U.I.O. album is a reference to the most recent book, Navigators of Dune.

For the record


Return To Form


Dear readers,

Scotch on the Rock is returning!

Stay tuned for a few changes, but more importantly, more stuff, new stuff…

  • New SOTR content
  • New BassDbler album (The Universe Is Ours)
  • New music gear reviews
  • New playthough videos

But, Why A Cassette?!

Slow Blade Penetrates The Shield

New SBPTS album art


My first album as BassDbler was Slow Blade Penetrates The Shield and was released on cassette as well as digital. Why? Continue reading

Long Live The Fighters

I have a song called Long Live the Fighters. It is a quote from Dune. The idea for the song came about before I had even thought about making BassDbler Dune-related. The song came about around the same time I was just understanding and appreciating electronic music and was one of my first real forays into D&B.  Continue reading

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Free the Machine


ICYMI – I have decided to make Machine and Ghola available for free from the site. The album will still be available for purchase from iTunes and Amazon, available for streaming from Spotify, Apple music and Rdio, etc. (and technically, you could still pay something for it from bandcamp). Continue reading

Lord of the Flies – Eden WTX500 Report

I have been mostly doing fly dates recently. Typically, these involve hiring a backline and/or the kindness of other bassists on the bill letting me use their amps (many thanks to Freekbass, again). I’ve mentioned before that my Eden amps are a huge part of my sound and that I always travel with my WTDI. Well, I recently upped my game and acquired the ultra-portable Eden WTX500 head and it has already revolutionized my traveling with gear.  Continue reading

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ICYMI – BassDbler Live Video

This is a compilation of some video from the 6/6/15 show at Lamasco in Evansville, IN – opening for Freekbass & The Bump Assembly.

BassDbler Interview on WUEV 91.5 FM

I did a radio interview recently…
Have a listen.


I just recently upgraded my phone and restored from an old backup. I found this gem I wrote while on a plane going somewhere. The deets are foggy… feels like it was a United flight. This is definitely a “part 1” as I could post a lot since this left off. Anyway, it is a bit of insight. 

It took me a long time to appreciate electronic music. I’ve been composing and playing with electronic drums or synths since the 20th century. It always felt like something I was doing to replicate or copy in lieu of live instruments. It wasn’t until I heard Rutten by Skream that I ‘got it’. Once the music spoke to me, I understood how it could be mine. Similar scenarios played out in and around IU and the Jacobs School of Music (which oddly enough, is where I had an electronic music class). Adams’ Shaker Loops was the gateway to really understanding minimalist works. Modern Jazz Quartet hipped me to cool jazz. The list can go on… and will…
I find it curious that it took so long to consume electronic music. I’ve loved dub for almost as long as I can accurately recall. I like repetitive, trance-like (state) phases. It seems a fair bit must be attributed to the ‘lack of musicians’ playing… it wasn’t a person… it wasn’t real… It didn’t take years of practice to execute. Except it did. Except I was.

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