BassDbler proudly uses EDEN amplifiers and Stonefield basses



2017 Stonefield F Series Walnut Top 4 String

Tomm Stanley Tuning System Tailpiece

2003 Carvin LB20 4 String w/ whammy


Nordstrand Big J Blades  (Warm and Wooly wind)

2013 Fender American Deluxe Jazz 4 String


1998 Read Custom 5 string

Bartolini MM+J Active/Passive plus Shadow Piezo

1980 Fender Jazz 4 string USA

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickups, Audere preamp, Badass II bridge, brass nut

Michael Kelly Dragonfly 4 string

Acoustic, Fretless



  • 1996 David Eden DC210XLT “The Metro” combo
  • Terra Nova Module Preamp
  • D410XLT 4×10
  • D210XLT 2×10 Wedge (2)

Marshall DSL40C

Fender Champion “600” reissue

1964 Silvertone 1482

Vox Pathfinder 10



  • WTDI preamp/DI
  • I90 Chorus
  • Californiwah Filter
  • Glowplug

BassDbler Mu-Tron Octave Divider clone, BOSS RE-20 Space Echo, BOSS TU-2 Tuner, EHX Russian Big Muff w/ JHS Pedals’ “Wormwood” mod,  Interfax Harmonic Percolator,  Tube Works Blue Tube, 1980’s Boss CS-2 Compressor/Sustainer, Red Witch Factotum, Morley Cliff Burton Power Fuzz/Wah, Henretta Engineering Green Zapper + pUrPle OCTopus two in one


La Bella

Super Steps

Deep Talkin’ Bass

DR Strings

MMS-45 – Electric Bass (Marcus Miller Signature Set)

UFO-40 – Electric Bass (Jonas Hellsborg Signature Set)

Rare 45 – Acoustic Bass

HI-Beam DTR-10 – Electric Guitar

Midnight Motions – Midnight Brites Custom Wound

Analogue Synthesizers

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

Arturia MicroBrute

Korg Monotribe

Korg Monotron


Line 6 JTV-59P

Vintage-style, P-90 Single-coils, piezo pickups for modelling applications


 Frequently Used Hardware

Audient iD22

Focusrite ISA-One Preamp

Echo Audio Layla interface

Soundcraft Series 200 Mixing Console

Drawmer LX20 Compressor/Expander Modified*

 (THE compressor used for the drum sound on Portishead's "Dummy", "Portishead", and thereby Tricky's "Maxinquaye")


Midi Express 128 midi interface

MTP AV midi/video interface

Lexicon MPX 100 Dual Channel Processor

Sansui RA-500 Reverberation Amplifier

ART TPS II Valve preamplifier

APHEX Aural Exciter Type B

Akai MPD24 Pad Controller

Alesis Q25 Keyboard Controller

Frequently Used Plugins


1176 Collection, Maag EQ4, Boss CE-1 Chorus, Teletronix LA-2A Collection, Dangerous Bax Eq, Softube Tonelux Tilt

Slate Digital

Virtual Console Collection, Virtual Tape Machines, FG-X

Steven Slate Drums

SSD4 Platinum


EMI TG12345, Reel ADT, Electric 200, Brauer Motion, API 560

IK Multimedia

Miroslav Philharmonik

Vahalla DSP

Shimmer, FreqEcho


Electro-Voice RE20 Dynamic

Avantone Pro CR-14 Ribbon

Blue Bluebird Condenser

Sennheiser e609 Dynamic

Telefunken D77s Stereo Dynamic