It took me a long time to appreciate electronic music. I’ve been composing and playing with electronic drums or synths since the 20th century. I always felt like it something I was attempting to replicate, or copy, live instruments. It wasn’t until I heard Rutten by Skream that I got it. Once the music spoke to me, I understood how it could be mine. Many similar scenarios played out in and around IU and the Jacobs School of Music (which oddly enough, is where I had an electronic music class). Adams’ Shaker Loops was the gateway to really understanding minimalist works. Modern Jazz Quartet hipped me to cool jazz and bluesy counterpoint. The list can go on… and will…
I find it curious that it took so long to consume electronic music. I’ve loved dub for almost as long as I can accurately recall. I like repetitive, trance-like (state) phases. It seems a fair bit must be attributed to the ‘lack of musicians’ playing… it wasn’t a person… it wasn’t real… It didn’t take years of practice to execute.
Except it did.
Except I was.

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