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Lord of the Flies – Eden WTX500 Report

I have been mostly doing fly dates recently. Typically, these involve hiring a backline and/or the kindness of other bassists on the bill letting me use their amps (many thanks to Freekbass, again). I’ve mentioned before that my Eden amps are a huge part of my sound and that I always travel with my WTDI. Well, I recently upped my game and acquired the ultra-portable Eden WTX500 head and it has already revolutionized my traveling with gear.  Continue reading

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Be Prepared

Just listen to teacher
I know it sounds sordid but you’ll be rewarded
When at last I am given my dues!
And in justice deliciously squared
Be prepared!

WTDI Preamp/DI

WTDI Preamp/DI

I recently played a show with a hired backline. Even though I specifically reserved my favored Eden gear, what arrived at the venue was an Ampeg SVT-4PRO head and a SVT-410HE cab. The SVT-4PRO is an excellent head, and I owned one for many years. However, for me, there is something in the upper mids which is a bit of a pet peeve and I could never adequately EQ it out. Luckily, I brought my Eden WTDI with me in case this happened. I put the WTDI between my bass and the amp, viola! My Eden tone was back, the Ampeg’s upper mids weirdness was gone and things were back to normal. This is not the first time the WTDI has bailed me out. I always take it with me to rehearsal spaces or studios. I’ve been using Eden for the last 15+ years and it is such a big part of my sound that I cannot imagine going without, especially since I can throw the WTDI in a gig bag.

While we’re discussing things you should never be without… another excellent bit of kit which I always have with me is the Stewart MacDonald Guitar Tech Screwdriver set. This is the most well thought out, and well built, set I have seen.

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Garden of EDEN

EdenLogoI spent a good portion of Bass Player Live chatting with the guys in the Eden booth and playing a lot. Eden has been my amp of choice for over a dozen years. I absolutely love my hand built Eden Metro. I was aware that Eden is producing a new, made in China, E-Series line of combo amps. I was really excited to be able to put these to the test. Would they hold up to my beloved Metro? Would they be a clear improvement over similar combos?

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