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Showtime – A Minor Forest


A Minor Forest
8 Feb 2014
The Satellite – Los Angeles, Ca

Erik Hoversten, John Benson and Andee Connors

  1. Erik’s Budding Romance (link)
  2. …But The Pants Stay On (link)
  3. Speed For Gavin (link)
  4. Discoier (link)
  5. Michael Anthony (link)
  6. Bill’s Mom Likes To Fuck (link)
  7. Jacking Off George Lucas (link)
  8. Look At That Car, It’s Full Of Balloons (link)
  9. So Jesus Was At The Last Supper…

(circa 1997)

A Minor Forest is one of my all-time favorite bands. The emo-math-spazz-rock-jangle trio came back to LA from a 15-year hiatus and it was fucking fantastic. All the elements one would expect were on display, extended chord voicings, pounding and evolving drums, delicate harmonics,  extreme dynamic shifts, soft vocals, screams and blood. This is the show you’ve been craving. Go.

Fortunately, more US tour dates have been announced from late April to Early May. I highly suggest making every effort to go check them out.

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Post NAMM Thoughts

NAMM Show sunshine

For gearheads, the NAMM show is like a second (non-denominational) Christmas. It’s a time when kit makers show us all of the new ideas and tools for the coming year. Continue on as I show you some of my highlights.

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DIY recording

Fun like this is why I love recording…



It’s that special time of year; the time for reflection and beginnings. Also, it is the time for many a top 10 list… which I do love. I’m not going to do one of those here though… just a collection of thoughts.

Let’s do this! Continue reading

Missing the point

I recently read an article (I’m not linking to it…) which asked, “should your band break up if your only fans are your friends?”. I want to pretend to take this question seriously… But it is just too flawed. First of all, it only makes sense if you presume that the band, or even music, is an entirely commercial endeavor. You have to assume there is no inherent enjoyment in the band and there is no satisfaction outside of strangers’ adoration and money. Only if this is purely commercial can one entertain the notion that it is a failed enterprise.

I’m well aware that I see things differently than a lot of people. Music isn’t an option for me; it is a need, a compulsion. I also write for me; it makes it all the more satisfying when people dig it. I’ve had many conversations with different people explaining that playing live is only slightly more rewarding than playing in my studio (and I love playing live). At the center, music is expression; it is art. My playing is me.

So, the question is would I stop doing BassDbler if all of my fans were friends? Fuck off.

If anyone out there is playing music they love to only friends… Good on ya! Keep doing it. Be happy. You’re not the shitholes ruining it for everyone else.

If you’re in a band and you like just playing once a week at a rehearsal space and you don’t play out. Keep doing it. As long as you like it, that’s all the validation you need. You are also not one of the aforementioned shitholes.

Luckily, “only fans are friends” isn’t the case for me… Besides, BassDbler fans are family.

I actually quite enjoy the music business side if things. I appreciate it. I have no aversion to making money or understanding that there is a huge commercial part to play… but it isn’t the only thing. It isn’t the thing which should define your happiness with the music, or bandmates, or yourself.

With that, I encourage all musicians or anyone associated with the music business to check out RenmanMB. Steve is a benevolent genius who had helped me immensely.

The Sleeper Has Awakened

Slow Blade Penetrates The Shield

New SBPTS album art

It is December… probably the best month there is. Case in point. Slow Blade Penetrates The Shield is back in stores. This is a newer, remixed, remastered version exclusive to digital distribution channels. Hit one of the links and give it a listen.

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FREEKBASS Kickstarter Call To Action



As you may know, my bass teacher is none other than Freekbass. Recently, he started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his new album and project. Things are going well, but it is time for the next push. Please take a moment to read on and contribute if at all possible. Continue reading

Goodbye iTunes/Spotify/Amazon… for now

Today begins the transition of Slow Blade Penetrates the Shield from Distribution Company A to Distribution Company B. This is a positive change. There will be a bit of disruption before it’s back in digital stores; so I’m taking the opportunity to change to a mastered for digital distribution version. I think you’ll like it. In the meantime, please visit aQuarius Records and pickup a copy of the cassette… there are still a few copies left. A FEW. Do it! NOW.

Garden of EDEN

EdenLogoI spent a good portion of Bass Player Live chatting with the guys in the Eden booth and playing a lot. Eden has been my amp of choice for over a dozen years. I absolutely love my hand built Eden Metro. I was aware that Eden is producing a new, made in China, E-Series line of combo amps. I was really excited to be able to put these to the test. Would they hold up to my beloved Metro? Would they be a clear improvement over similar combos?

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Bass Player Live!


It’s that time again… I absolutely love going to Bass Player Live. Besides all of the great workshops, it is great just to be able to hang with friends I only see once a year or so. Hangs start tonight. If you’re going, be sure to come say hello and check out my friends:

Damian Erskine
Eden Electronics
DR Strings
Gruv Gear

Scott Reeder, Norwood Fisher…and just about everyone in the Warwick crew

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