It’s that special time of year; the time for reflection and beginnings. Also, it is the time for many a top 10 list… which I do love. I’m not going to do one of those here though… just a collection of thoughts.

Let’s do this!

I’ve written a lot of music in 2013. A lot of it will most likely never see the light of day. I’m writing and culling; writing and culling. This is a familiar place. What does that mean for all of you? Well, you get what I consider the best… there are a lot of interesting ideas, little flights of facility (AKA overplaying) and experiments which could be good… but just aren’t good enough. That being said, I’m already at a solid 8 tracks for the next album. LOTS of work to do before then, but that’s quite a start. It is different than SBPTS, but it will still be Dune-themed.

I will be playing live soon… feelers are out and production work in process.

With Freekbass’s help, I have grown a lot as a player this year. It has been a wonderful journey thus far and I cannot thank him enough.Professionally, Steve Rennie has been my guiding force. I (figuratively) hear him shouting in my ear any time I start to slip. I owe most of my successes this year to these gentlemen… So, here’s to you.

In lieu of doing a best of list for 2013, let me just highlight.

The standout for me is the new Sun & Sail Club record Mannequin. It is one of the freshest I’ve heard in a long time. Really, it’s the kind of thing I would have loved to have done myself. Riffs for days, vocoder vocals… think Futureword-era Trans Am, but riffs for days… have I mentioned riffs for days, yet?! Riffs. For. Days.

A Minor Forest reunites, plays shows.

For anyone who has never seen them. Do. I’ve never actually told him this, but Andee is one of my favorite drummers (in fact, I’ve actively refrained from doing so which is dumb). There is something magical about AMF… beats, discord, counter melodies. It was always nice seeing them on the road back in the “maps, pay phones and fax machines” days. Crazy excited to see them at it again, in whatever fashion.

Speaking of those days, my brother and bandmate lost his battle with Leukemia this year. It is still fresh and a dark spot. Though we had only seen or spoken to each other a few times in the recent years; music and miles is a strong bond.

[ …I’m listening to rough demos of the next album as I write this. I think you’ll be pleased, especially if you happen to want a little more classical music and math rock with your BassDbler. ]

I want to say a special thank you to Eden Electronics and Line 6 for some of the new gear to feature on the album. It was great meeting and hanging with you this year!

And with that, stay safe, have a happy new year, and get ready for a face-melting 2014.


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